An Announcement

I didn’t want to do this, not at all. But I am afraid to say that from today there will be no more updates on the ‘Only One Timo Glock’ blog.

Sadly, with two blogs and in the aim to keep them up to date regularly for it to be a good, up to date blog regarding Timo Glock, I have found there is simply not enough time in the world to do it all.

In the next few months I have much more important commitments regarding my GCSE’s, and I have to focus a lot of my attention on getting the best possible grades in that. Sadly, it is likely to cover the first part of the season, and with the plans I had with this blog, I need at least 28 hours in a day.

The blog will remain up, I have a rather good biography of Timo Glock on this blog and I am certainly not going to put that to waste. If you wish to use the biography, please do contact me. I may be rather biased, but I don’t think there is a better one on the web. (I still plan to make it even better).

Do keep an eye on my other blog, the Northern Waffler, with a very busy February in plan. The decision to stop updating comes now before it becomes obvious that I’m getting well behind.

I’ll keeping loving Timo Glock every second of the way still, watching the practices, qualifying and races, cheering on the Virgin Racing car (which looks gorgeous). Hope you will too.

A big thank you to everyone who has took the time to read or comment on the blog, I do love it when I see some nice viewing figures and people reading what I have wrote.


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Virgin Launch 2010 Car


It may have been delayed due to technical difficulties, but the first Virgin Racing car was revealed to the world this morning. Images were released involving Timo Glock, along with Lucas di Grassi and Alvaro Parente.

The VR-01 has a red and white theme to it, with it also sneaking in a Yorkshire rose on the front and rear of the car.

"The first reaction is that it’s a really nice car. I think we have some good ideas on the car. But now for us it is important that it is here and ready. That’s where the team did just a great job. The mechanics have been working 24 hours the last couple of days."

Timo Glock

Timo will also take part in a two day shakedown at Silverstone towards the end of the week.

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Virgin Announce Launch Date

Virgin Racing Media Launch

In a week attempt of a blog post, it has been announced that Virgin Racing, featuring Timo Glock, will launch online on the 3rd February.

The most interesting item of news is indeed the fact that the team will launch online, something similar to what Toyota did last season. (Which also featured Timo, coincidence?).

This also all but confirms that the team will miss the first test of the year at Valencia, but is expected, at least according to Nick Wirth, to be at the Jerez test a week later. It probably will not be a set back for the team, with others such as Toro Rosso also missing in Valencia.

So keep an eye on the Virgin Racing website at 11:00am on Wednesday 3rd February for the official launch of the Virgin Racing car.

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New Year’s News Roundup

First off, happy new year to you all, albeit that coming quite a bit later than it should have. It has been quite a while since I last talked about Timo Glock. So I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a quick news roundup of the legend.

30/12: Glock a Massive Asset to Virgin

"I was just literally over the moon, because Timo to me represents all that I wanted – someone who has driven the slick tyres, he has two years’ experience, he’s a GP2 champion and he’s so young, and so grounded."

04/01: Glock Decided Future Before Japan

“I had realized early on that there would be no future for me at Toyota, so I started to look for alternatives early on and I have to say that our instinct didn’t let us down. We started to negotiate with Virgin shortly after the Japanese Grand Prix. In my head I was probably ready to race for another team by Suzuka. And when shortly after the race there was an invitation to visit the factory, it became very obvious to me that they were very serious about their F1 plans. My gut feeling told me that this could be the place for me in 2010.”

Official Formula 1 Website

Just a quick post to say I’m still alive, quite important that. Expect more indepth posts to come up in the upcoming weeks. It is, only 60 days till the start of the 2010 season.

We should do a countdown!

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Merry Christmas From Only One Timo Glock

father timo

Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas. And as your Christmas present from us, here is a rather rubbish photoshopped attempt of Timo Glock as Santa Glock. I can only apologise, but I ain’t giving everyone who visits this site a tenner and a Christmas Card. I’m not rich.

So enjoy the 25th December, hope you get what you want. Just have a brilliant day.

This seems like the perfect opportunity you can expect from this site (okay, me) in 2010:

  • Indepth season preview posts
  • Detailed reviews of every single race weekend
  • Lots of new features to jazz up the site
  • Even more detail on the ‘About Timo’, if that page can get even more detailed, I think it can
  • And of course, a totally biased opinion on the world’s greatest driver, Timo Glock


So enjoy Christmas and get ready for what is set to be an awesome 2010.

(Alright, when can I stop faking it about being an awesome 2010?)

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09 Season Review: A Year In Words, Part 1

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Previews

As the news dies down from the Virgin Racing launch this week, it is time I return with the Season Review from this year. This time, we take a look with what has been said by Timo Glock and other people about Glock.

15th January – Toyota TF109 launch

“If you look back at the cars I have been racing for the last five years they have all been quite different, with the 2004 Jordan, then Champ Car, GP2 and the Toyota TF108, and I have been competitive in each of them. That shows how quickly I can adapt to a different car so I don’t have any concerns at all about adjusting to the 2009-style Formula 1 cars. I am sure the other drivers will adapt quickly as well but I certainly expect to hit the ground running.”

24th January – Portugese Rain disrupts test

"It’s a pity to end the test like this, but that’s just the way it is and it is the same for all the teams here. At least at our next test in Bahrain, we can expect much better weather and many more laps, which is what we need to develop the new car."

10th February – Glock leads on first day of Bahrain test.

"The car felt quite consistent, which is already a positive sign, and we got through a lot of laps, so an encouraging start to the test."

2nd March – Drenched Jerez sees Glock quickest

"It tends to be difficult to carry out meaningful testing when there is so much rain. The conditions made things tricky again today but at least it stayed consistently wet so we were able to go through some work on set-up and tyres."

12th March – Testing ends in foggy Barcelona

"Of course we’ll only see the real results on Saturday in Melbourne, but everyone at Toyota can be happy with our work so far. We’ve made fine progress so roll on the first race."

24th March – Glock drives a Hilux on two wheels

"This was a lot of fun. Although, I think it would be a little hard to drive a Formula 1 car on two wheels."

27th March – Toyota thrown out of Australian Qualifying

"The Stewards have received a report from the Technical Delegate that the upper wing elements of cars number 9 and 10 are showing extreme flexibility in contravention of Article 3.15 of the 2009 Formula One Technical Regulations"


28th March – 4th in the race after stunning Australia drive

“For us to be fighting at the front like that after we started from the pit lane really shows the strong performance we have. This is proof that our car has real pace. It was a good race for me and I have to say thanks to the team for their hard work in achieving this.”

4th April – Solid drive puts Glock 5th on grid

"Overall the qualifying went quite well and I’m happy to be starting third. But I’m a bit frustrated with my final lap in Q3 because I was struggling a little bit to get used to how the car felt with a heavier fuel load. That meant I didn’t get 100% out of the car.”

5th April – Crazy rain ensures a Timo podium

“The last two laps behind the safety car it was so confusing. My engineer told me when I did the pit stop ‘you are leading the race,’ so I said ‘okay, I don’t push because I want to save the tyres.’ Then I saw Jenson coming out just ahead of me, so I was P2. Then I jumped out of the car and now I am here I am P3. So hopefully when I come back down I will still be in P3. That’s what I am hoping for.”

Keep an eye out for Part 2, which will focus on the next few races of the 2009 season

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Thursday Thoughts – What To Give Timo Glock For Christmas.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore - Race

So this is Christmas, what have you done?

Gavin from Making Up The Numbers posed a simple, seasonal themed question for this weeks Thursday Thoughts. “What do you want to get F1 for Christmas and why?

It is an interesting question to think about, and truth be told, I have altered my response for a singular person in F1. It might even explain why I’m doing it on this blog. What to give Timo Glock for Christmas?

What can you give a man who is in F1, someone who has tons of money, someone who could possibly buy anything in the world whenever he wanted.

Sadly, you can’t buy any championships, as that just so happens to be illegal. And that may also cause me and Timo to go to jail. So, I do think a World Championship is out of the question for Christmas. I will not be needing you, Luciano Moggi.

I so want him to have a great Virgin Racing car for 2010, but I simply can not give him that, that’s going to be Nick Wirth’s present for him. Still no help at all.

Options running out now, I was even thinking about giving him my support for the rest of my life, which is pretty much a rubbish Christmas present.

But, instead I will be wrapping up a jet pack and a map of where the other eleven teams are located.

You know, just in case Richard Branson does end up dressed as an Air Asia stewardess…

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